Lens Coating Thickness Measuring Equipment

The unit has been primarily designed as an economical device to measure single layer coating lens, or similar. ( non opaque substrates) . With film thickness ranging from 2-12 microns The unit consists of: - Light source, - Spectrometer - PC software. - associated light cables and probe. Unit needs to be connected to a PC with Windows XP or higher ( 32 or 64bit) When light reflects off a surface, that has a secondary layer ( e.g. PC substrate with surface coating) all wavelengths of light that are equal to the coating thickness, or are multiples of the coating thickness, will be not reflected*. This system works by applying a wide spectrum light to the surface ( via the light cable and probe) and then analyzing the reflected light. The spectrometer analyses the reflected light, and the software performs calculation to determine the actual coating thickness. When viewing the test pattern you will see troughs and peaks relating to wavelength ( x axis). Peaks are wavelengths that are maximally reflected. * due to destructive interference An uncoated sample is initially used to set up a base line