Military Ballistic Eyewear

GENERAL PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION: ◆ Using Nitrogen as a propellant, the unit fires a missile( aka “frag”) at the eyewear under test. ◆ Eyewearto be tested is placed on the headform* ◆ Frags are loaded and locked into place, and fired at prescribed locations of the headform. ◆ A laser sighting is provided for accurate and repeatable testing. ◆ Frags come in 2 specifications ◆ For spectaclestesting, 0.15 ( 5.8 grain) T37 frags are used, at 700-725fps ◆ For goggle 0 .22 (17 grain), t37 , 5 frags are used at 580-590fps ◆ A separate fixed gun barrrel is provide for each frag type. These are fixed in position and do not require swopping in and out. ◆ Velocity is user adjustable, and has a calibrated chronograph ( timer) to indicate velocity. ◆ Headform is enclosed in impact resistantPolycarbonate/metal cage, with safety interlocks on the door. ※ Alderson 50th percentile or CE EN166/168 Medium or Small headforms can be supplied. ASSEMBLY. The unit is fully-assembled on receipt. User will need to connect up a nitrogen tank as propellant.